What is something you will never hear me say?

"Let's try Comic Sans here."

“It’s my portfolio it’s done!”

“Oh yeah, it’s okay when it’s not aligned.”

Correct. I'm a designer.

Graphic design is my passion.

But I can do more.


UX Research

I can collect insights that are clearly founded on research-based results demonstrating an understanding of the problem space and empathy with users and other stakeholders.


UX Design

I am able to design a fitting solution for the design challenge, based on user research and requirements of the client.


Design Thinking

I’m able to work independently and iteratively through the design thinking process (Understand, Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test). I know when to jump between the stages of the process to investigate opportunities and improve on solutions.

About me

My name is Sophie, but you probably guessed that from the logo. I am a UX designer / User Researcher and graphic designer from Amsterdam.

During my study Communication and Multimedia Design, I gained a lot of experience as a designer within various agencies - I worked for PostNL, InShared, and Dynasource, among others. After graduating, I travelled to Australia, where I worked as a freelancer in Melbourne and Sydney for six months.

I am now back in my ever “vibrant” home town and I am looking for a new challenge :) I would prefer to work as a graphic designer or User Researcher in a nice team.

What others say


Proposition visualisation Gradient

For my thesis, I made a visualisation of the proposition of Gradient - a digital agency I worked at the time. 

A lot of employees and the management team weren't on the same page anymore about what it is that Gradient does, or who does what, or how it all works together. This was caused by a lot of internal changes and a new company strategy - with just a few communication errors in between. 

To get everyone on the same page again, I did a lot of user research and visualised the outcome in an interactive prototype (see video). 

Eventhough it was a very though challenge I got rewarded with 9/10 points at the end.

Parisa Khanipour

"Sophie did a great job talking to different stakeholders involved to make sure the designs reflect the needs and requirements of different user groups and internal stakeholders, making compromises between simplicity, usability, and comprehensiveness, and delivering a product that is up to the challenge. She kept a positive attitude throughout and she was a joy to work with."

- UX design and research team leader at Gradient (2019)


Ryno Marree

"Even though the topics were sometimes very difficult and unknown to her, she never shied away from taking them head-on and doing the required research. I feel like we had quite unclear requirements at the beginning and a lot of stakeholders involved and Sophie managed to keep her cool throughout.

- Colleague at Gradient (2019)



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