Short internship

How to improve the UX of the Post- Brievenautomaat?

My design challenge was to improve the UX of the new letter machine of Postnl. Users can send and receive packages with the machine. Postnl made the machine to decrease the traffic in the center of Amsterdam and other big cities. By using the PBA, mail deliverers only have to drop their mail at a PBA at central points instead of driving to several adreses in a city.

The most challenging thing in my internship was that I, next to my classmate Tevin, was the only UX designer at Postnl. This caused that I had to explain and substantiate my ideas very clearly. 

In the proces we covered five phases:

1. Empathize

In this phase we did empathizing techniques with our user. For example, I went a day distribution center in Amesfoort to get to know the Postnl mailmen.

2. Define

We defined the problems of our stakeholders.

3. Ideate

We ideated for new ideas and also looked at the work of previous designers who worked at Postnl.

4. Prototype

At the left you can see one of the prototypes I built, while tested with eye-tracking techniqes.

5. Test

Not only did we do eye-tracking, but our tests also included paper prototyping, Wizard of Oz, Usability Testing and Gamification. 

Jaqueline Sips


Rated by Harry Zengerink and Jaqueline Sips


My thesis supervisor and UX Expert

Parisa Khanipour

Pathe Cinema WIFI Portal

commissioned by Cobra Systems

I designed this Wi-Fi portal so users could sign in to get free Wi-Fi while they were in the cinema. 

This interface would pop-up automatically when the device of the user would detect the Wi-Fi signal. The user needs to accept the terms and conditions and then gets connected to Wi-Fi automatically.

I chose this transparent design because when it gets hovered over the interface of the page, it still looks like the user is on the same page, so the flow would be interrupted. 

Design Thinking and Doing

Minor CMD

These infographics explain my personal projects during the minor Design Thinking and Doing.

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